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The MONFRESH « White revolution» campaign in Mogolia works to save the Mongol milk

7. Community involvement

Community development


Tumurdush Nasankhuu (Mongolia), who is the Chairman & CEO of the Monfresh group and an important actor of the food industry in Mongolia, is also the initiator of the “White revolution”. The goal is to optimize the production and the Mongolian milk distribution in order to develop the local economy and reduce imports of milk. The company organizes every year a campaign of good deeds called ' Milk white soul " whose purpose is to raise funds to deal with some problems of society and more particularly to help most vulnerable groups. »

In a CSR policy, Monfresh also contributes to job creation with a five times higher revenue than the minimum salary. It support its employees by offering the breakfast and lunch, proposing focused training and implementing a transportation system to make the round trip to work more easy.


  • Boost the Mongolian industry of milk
  • Help the Mongols going through hard times (financial, social integration, development)
  • Solve the most urgent issues that occur in the country (Health, clothes, cleanliness…)
  • Assist Mongolia in its global development by developing the business of Monfresh, but also by encouraging social actions which help in the development of the Mongolian population
  • Hold 1% of he milk industry in the next 10 years to come


In 1990, Mongolia suffered from the fall of the USSR by seeing its infrastructures destroyed. From then on, Mongolia was not capable any more of collecting the milk produced on its territory. Indeed, only 4 % of the produced milk is consumed, when 96 % is thrown away. Furthermore, Mongolia spends millions a year in imports of Chinese milk.

So Monfresh decided to finally introduce the "White revolution". Just like the Indian “Green revolution”, it involves the improvement of the milk production system to share it with the whole Mongolian population. The revolution begins by creating points of collection everywhere in the country as well as madding possible of the breeders’ training. This system is made to create interconnections between big cities and the more rural areas, since the isolation of the rural villages and the countryside represent a major social problem in Mongolia.

Once the milk production system is improved, the imports are expected to decrease and Mongolia will have some surplus. They will benefit from the source of foreign currencies thanks to its exports instead of spending on it in imports. This money can then be dedicated to the development of the country. In parallel of the indirect profits bound to the development of the activity, Monfresh can pay a fixed part of its profits to associations. This action plan is called “Milk White Soul”. Every time a product is sold, 0.02 Euros are paid to charities (health, hygiene, struggle against alcoholism, etc. …) The minimum wage is 240 Euros per month.


  • Monfresh decreased the losses of mongolian milk, thus enabling the country to be depend less on importations from its neighbouring countries Russia and China, even reversing the trend by massively exporting to these two countries.
  • Monfresh is today more efficient and more competitive. Therefore its productivity and its product quality are enhanced.
  • Its modern factories respect the environment, which provides the employees with a better working environment and fewer work related accidents.


The environment is respected: Monfresh grows while respecting the Mongolilan territory (clean  nergies and recycling). Hence a better respect of animals, which are part of the traditional and mostly wild landscape of Mongolia.



Тurmudush Nasankhuu, CEO

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