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The ORANGE PRIZE for Social Entrepreneur In Africa

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Orange is one of the main telecommunications operators as it serves 250 million customers around the world. The CSR is deeply embedded in the culture and the history of the company. Orange has been built on founding values guiding their principles of action regarding all its stakeholders. Established in 17 African countries, Orange has 100 million customers in the region. This presence gives the Group an important role in the economy but also the development of Africa, through several improvements brought by the digital in the daily life of the populations.


  • To support entrepreneurs who propose solutions based on the ICT satisfying the needs of African populations
  • To encourage innovation and use of ICT to benefit the development
  • To support the local entrepreneurs to speed up the development of the countries


Since its creation in 2011, the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneur in Africa has been rewarding entrepreneurs who propose products and services relying on the ICT in an innovative way to meet the needs of the African populations in different sectors such as health, agriculture, education, energy, industry or even trade.

For four years of existence, the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneur has got a wonderful success of which 2 000 projects are evidence. This mobilization from candidates shows the entrepreneurial dynamics and the telecommunication potentials in Africa.

The 2015 edition of the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneur in Africa will reward three projects with grants amounting to 10.000, 15.000 and 25.000 euros. Orange will award the first-prize winner by depositing a patent in the in the country where the project will be implemented. The 4 winners will benefit from the support of experts of entrepreneurship and ICT during 6 months. This year once again, internet users will be able to choose their favorite project online on the portal of Orange in Africa,


  • 1500 projects submitted along the 3 first editions
  • A strategic establishment in a developing continent


  • Promotion of local and social entrepreneurship as a vector of development for the country
  • Stimulation of innovation to benefit sustainable development
152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


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