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With Enactus France KPMG backs up social entrepreneurship’s training

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Founded in 1975, the NGO ENACTUS has grown to become one of the largest association gathering companies, universities, and private institutions in the world. Today, ENACTUS brings together over 65,000 students from 1,650 institutions in 37 countries.

In October 2002, KPMG fostered ENACTUS’ launch in France: they put offices at ENACTUS disposal and mobilize professionals to help developing the NGO.


  • Get future generation of managers to think about global sustainable and social issues.
  • Help students develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills
  • Facilitate professional integration
  • Improve the quality and standard of living of communities in need.


ENACTUS Social Entrepreneurship learning program allows students from all over the world to implement projects combining entrepreneurship and social benefit.

ENACTUS teams supervised by an academic advisor (teacher or school member), develop projects to improve the quality and standard of living of community in need.

ENACTUS teams accompany students throughout the year to support them in their projects.ENACTUS organizes training days, meetings with entrepreneurs and business leaders and coaching sessions with professionals. An annual National Competition distinguishes the best team to represent their country at the ENACTUS World Cup.

Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2010 and updated in 2014


  • Support economic, social and environnemental solidarity projects
  • Involve company employees in a rewarding and citizenship programme
  • Recruit talented students who demonstrate ethical and responsible actions
  • Show positive image of responsible company to all stakeholders.


  • Worldwide: 65,000 committed students and 1,650 participating universities and colleges in 37 countries
  • In France, in 2014: 1,260 active students from 41 institutions and universities developed 115 projects which had an impact on 3,000 direct and 19,000 indirect beneficiaries.
859 millions € (2013)


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