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AUCHAN educates consumers about responsible consumption habits

6. Clients and consumers



AUCHAN encourages consumers to take the environment into account. Its policy consists in giving them more information and offering convenient, cheap and environmentally-friendly solutions other things to:

  •  Reduce the impact of their consumptions (e.g. with less energy-consuming products)
  •  Find alternate solutions to traditional consumption modes (eco-labelled, organic products..) at affordable prices.
  •  Use collection systems to help people recycle their used products (batteries, light bulbs, D3E..) via collectors for the environment or « green stations » (papers, textile, glass..) 


  •  To provide another perspective on sustainable development and enable their customers to absorb the message behind "Sustainable development for better living".
  •  To explain to customers SD alternatives and provide concrete evidence of commitments made by the company


Health, ecology, local/regional, cuisine, nutrition, children are some of the headings. On its new site, Auchan proposes tips and services aimed at building awareness of responsible consumption behavior among customers while presenting to them the set of commitments and most sustainable product lines being sold in its stores. Product availability is broken down by benefit to customers according to three tabs on the site:
  • "The good nutrition" through commitment to responsible fishery, sectors, organic products and "without" products (salt, sugar, fat)
  • "The environnement", through official ecolabelled products, a large range of local and seasonal products, the reduction of energy consumed (permanent operation of 5%from the pot for Class A+ A++ and Leds light bulbs), innovative services like rapid electric charging station (1st national network). Auchan deepens its commitment to circular economy by offering PET Bottle collection stations and recycled pastic bags (the plastic coming from the stores and warehouses)
  • "Be an environmentally-friendly consumer", principally through collect operations for a second life (schoolbag, clothes)
This new layout is accompanied by recipes, guides and ideas for reducing one's carbon footprint (e.g. the 10 golden rules of eco-driving around the theme introduced in July: "Getting away for summer holidays",anti-waste actions).Best Practice spotted by World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2010 and updated in 2017.


  •  Raises brand image relative to Sustainable Development and enhances customer preference for the Auchan brand.


  • Showcases partnership-building with small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Launch of the "less than 1 euro" product range.
  • Continual upgrades to responsible product lines with new recipieswith reduced levels of salt, sugar and fat; the replacement of palm oil by vegetable oil (if not substitutable, the palm oil used is certified and traceable)
  • A large range of organic products
  • More than 2200 products labelled in Braille
  • Products of sustainable sectors : Auchan is commited and guarantees to all clients to find products which are good, safe and healthy at a reasonible price - products of origins, with a supervised traceability, respectful of men who produce them. In 2017, 48 Auchan sectors could be found on the shelves
60 570 (2014)
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)

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