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DEFROIDMONT buys locally

5. Fair Operating Practices

Responsible purchasing


Defroidmont offers fresh and frozen products for sale through home delivery, mail order or through retail food chains. Defroidmont is anchored in its territory and defends its values and know-how. Its slogan, "Our lands have talent", evokes traditional manufacturing practices that favor local sourcing, focusing on customer satisfaction and paying special attention to its environmental impact and the well-being of its employees.

Established in Liege in 1926, Defroidmont is today based in Maroilles, France, and is under the leadership of the founding family’s 3rd generation. Among its products are the famous flamiche aux Maroilles and the Tarte au Sucre du Nord. It has established a partnership with another company of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region awarded the Responsible Economy Trophy, the milling company Moulins Waast.


  •  Preserve an activity and local jobs.
  •  Reduce its environmental footprint.
  •  Reinforce the connection between the company and its territory.


Defroidmont belongs to the label "Saveurs en’Or", which calls for sourcing of raw materials from the region and the use of short circuits in a sustainable manner.

  • Flour from Moulins Waast, Cocorette eggs, butter made within 10 km.
  • Labels and packaging produced locally (JPC labels for Carvin, Cartelys for Cambrai)
  • Electric vehicles made in Maubeuge (59).

70% of suppliers are certified "International Food Standard" and assure the quality of raw materials. Numerous products used are labeled "Appellation of Protected Origin” in order to preserve and promote the cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Whenever possible, the company negotiates with its suppliers to reduce packaging

When expanding a production unit or building a factory warehouse, local products are used, such as local blue stone and bricks.


  • The obtention of the label "Saveur en’Or" guaranteeing the quality of products.


  •  80% of materials used are of local origin: butter, Maroilles and other cheeses AOP, Cocorette eggs, Moulins Waast flour. Label Saveurs en’OR.
  •  70% of suppliers are certified "International Food Standard".
  •  A building integrated into the local landscape.
40 salariés (2015)


159, Grand Rue
59550 Maroilles


Patrick Defroidmont, Directeur Général, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 03 27 84 65 65

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