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BIBI PRODUCTIONS: support craftspeople in building a better future through fashion

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


As a well-known fashion designer and former international model, Bibi Russell founded BIBI PRODUCTIONS in 1995 when she returned to her loving home country Bangladesh after some 20 years in Europe.

BIBI PRODUCTIONS is devoted in helping craftspeople, mostly women in rural areas, to preserve traditional weaving techniques and know-how, to protect culture, and to develop local communities in the hope of building promising futures through having access to financial stability and basic education.


  • Offer work opportunities to craftspeople in some of the most disadvantaged regions of the world
  • Promote handmade natural textile and respect fair trade agreements
  • Encourage children to be educated so that they can contribute their knowledge to developing local communities at a later stage 


Bibi Russell first communicates with craftspeople in villages and convinces them to participate in the “Fashion for Development” project. Once an agreement is reached, BIBI PRODUCTIONS works closely with the villagers to protect and promote their handmade textile traditions. Bibi Russell personally checks the quality of finished goods which will be sold on BIBI PRODUCTIONS’ platforms. 

In order to respect fair trade agreements, all ingredients used in the making of their products are grown locally. Bibi Russell also makes sure the people involved in the production process are paid fairly so that they will be able to support their family.

Once secured financially, Bibi Russell encourages craftspeople to send their children to school. She continuously explains to local villagers the importance of having a basic education and the positive impact that will bring to their communities. And as a result, more and more people are starting to send their children to school!


Relive the intervention of Bibi Russel : "Education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals" during the WFRE17.


  • BIBI PRODUCTIONS receives the highest recognition from the Bangladesh government and works with more than 50% of craftspeople in the country
  • BIBI PRODUCTIONS has very good reputation in the fashion industry
  • Bibi Russell is awarded the title “Designer for Development” and “Artist for Peace” by UNESCO
  • Bibi Russell is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador representing the handicraft industry all over the world


  • The realization of helping local development while respecting human dignity 
  • Thousands of craftspeople and their families in rural areas around the world benefit from “Fashion for Development” thanks to the financial stability that comes with it
  • Enhanced opportunities for children to be educated which will be a positive impact in the future
  • Traditional weaving skills and craftsmanship are well protected and passed on to the next generation.

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