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GDF SUEZ and Emmaüs France are joining forces to help bring a better life to the needy

7. Community involvement

Skills and technology transfer


A strategic partnership agreement was signed with Emmaüs France on September 26, 2006 for an initial 3-year period. On February 10, 2010, it was renewed for another 3 years.


  •  Strengthen GDF SUEZ actions in the area of Solidarity with at-risk populations.


This joint undertaking with Emmaüs France offers one of the best examples of GDF SUEZ community action
The agreement gives Group employees an opportunity to share their social-responsibility values by getting involved in volunteer events (e.g. collecting used clothing during the final week of the Emmaüs Sustainable Development Fair at Porte de Versailles)
Emmaüs France (4,291 employees, 4,000 companions, 6,426 volunteers) is a secular association that brings together all of the organizations actively involved in the Emmaüs movement in France.

The partnership defines 4 areas of action:

  • Make smart energy available to serve the disadvantaged.
  • Support and develop collection/recycling-based economic activity.
  • Encourage the hiring of people who come to a GDF SUEZ company as temporary workers. This area of the agreement is still under discussion between the two partners.
  • Support Emmaüs France projects.


For GDF SUEZ, this partnership provides evidence of its commitment to at-risk populations. By making its business experience, expertise, and know-how available to Emmaüs, particularly in the area of energy, the Group is also providing its employees with the opportunity to get more involved in the community.


For Emmaüs France, this partnership, extended for another 3 years, helps:

  • Develop more permanent living situations for the most needy and integrate them into the working world through Emmaüs France collection and reuse activities and solidarity projects,
  • Create connections between the business world and the Emmaüs Movement through joint initiatives,
  • Provide access to infrastructures, services and logistics assistance. At-risk populations also receive practical assistance and donated goods as well as many services.
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