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GRUPO MIERES ANGOLA and SNC LAVALIN’s Joint Venture: From a concrete compliance structure to Angola CSR reference.

5. Fair Operating Practices

Anti-corruption campaign


Grupo Mieres Angola is a multi-service company founded in 2013, in Angola (top 10 most corrupted country) that provides help for crew management compliance, investment support, work visas, and translation in the O&G industry. Entering Angola, with a joint venture SNC Lavalin, a Canadian MNC needed strong ethical partner as corporations are legally responsible of their suppliers. GMA was selected for the JV, but needed to establish a concrete compliance structure.


The objective of the best practice was to transfer SNC Lavallin values to GMA to integrate the SME in the Corporate Value Chain. 

For the company

  • Define a mature Compliance System
  • Get ISO9001 certification
  • Fight systematic bribery
  • Become a reference in Ethics and Compliance in the country


For the society

  • Reduce corruption
  • Gain investors in Angola


The difficulty of creating the program was to change the mentality about corruption, in a permanent way. Employees had to be taught, monitored, warned if not following the guidelines and fired in they did not act according to the best practices. The compliance program cost around 30 000 per year for a company of 50 employees, and includes setting up a hotline, training, monitoring, quality certification tests and much more. 

  • GMA took the following approach to create their program:
  • Creation of a compliance structure
  • Creation of an ethic channel
  • Dissemination of compliance polity
  • Create an “in vigilando” for GMA suppliers and clients
  • Get compliance certification
  • Prepare for ISO 19600 certification
  • Get ISO 9001 certification
  • Get TRACE international certification
  • Become a member of the coalition for Ethical Operations
  • Become a member of the Cumplen Association 
  • Introduce contract compliance and in-house training
  • Always have open communication with SNC Lavallin and supply chain

WATCH again this video Business Against Corruption : Creating a Culture of Integrity at World Forum for a Responsible Economy : HERE and Read all the other documents HERE


    • Doubled annual income in only 2 years
    • Signed 4 new Joint Ventures
    • Dedicated group of clients who demand ethical business and operations
    • Opened a new department to train other companies of Ethics and Compliance (3 training centres)
    • ISO 9001, ISO 19600, TRACE international certifications


    • Became the number 1 reference in compliance and ethics in the country
    • Work toward corruption end
    • Better treatment of employees and higher wages than the competition
    502 (2017)
    10 M USD (2017)


    Via do Talatona Condomínio Pitanga,
    Casa F5 Bairro do Talatona


    Andrea Moreno (+244 929 108 489)

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