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LE GROUPE LA POSTE: creating a culture of integrity

5. Fair Operating Practices

Anti-corruption campaign


La Poste is regarded as one of the top three logistics company in Europe due to the expansion of its postal, corporate and financial service operations in France and beyond. They generated revenue of more than 23 billion euros in 2016. La Poste has an employee count of 260,000 which provide different services such as mail services, financial services, Internet access and e-mail services throughout France. The company has been exposed to some major risks such as financial terrorism. La poste adopted an e-learning method since 2009 to train its employees to fight against these terrorist attacks. The program is aimed at educating employees about the risks of corruption and money transactions. It provides guidance to employees regarding these kinds of attacks and what they need to do to maintain awareness on it. 


  • Building a network of ethics officers to meet a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for corruption 
  • Measuring the empathy and the willingness of employees to take part in the actions
  • Establishing an anti-corruption code of conduct and a network of anti-corruption officers.
  • Developing a whistle-blowing system to handle points raised by employees, allowing them to report breaches of ethics or cases of corruption or to request mediation in certain instances.


This ethics and professional conduct framework was strengthened in 2016 with the addition of a guide to ethics for employees elected to perform a representative role. Measures include:  An annual report on the ethics and professional conduct Framework, a Le Groupe La Poste-wide ethics and professional conduct awareness programme, the launch of an ethics and professional conduct smartphone app, an Ethics Day at Le Groupe La Poste’s headquarters and regular meetings with employees


Roles of the anti-corruption officer (amongst others):

  • Raise awareness of Le Groupe La Poste’s anti-corruption code of conduct.
  • Liaise between the ethics and professional conduct unit and Le Groupe La Poste’s or the business-unit’s legal and compliance department.
  • Handle incident reports at the business unit or subsidiary and pass on details to Le Groupe La Poste’s anti-corruption officer and its head of legal and compliance when the incident reported by the whistleblower appears to have serious implications.
  • Coordinate the answers given to employees’ questions about the corruption prevention programme.
  • Report on their work to the business unit’s or subsidiary’s management committee.
  • Refer directly to Le Groupe La Poste’s anti-corruption officer if they encounter difficulties in their duties.

WATCH again this video Business Against Corruption : Creating a Culture of Integrity at World Forum for a Responsible Economy : HERE and Read all the other documents HERE


  • 87% of employees stated that they can relate to Le Groupe La Poste’s ethics and professional conduct initiatives. 
  • Employees reaffirmed the importance of having an ethics officer, with 90% of them stating they were in favour of this role 
  • More employees at La Poste make the connection between their ethics and professional conduct and business performance than at other major French groups: 92% of them believe that this helps to improve business performance.


  • Establishment of a company culture and positioning 
  • Instilling a CSR mind-set into their employees           
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