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LES PANIERS DE LÉA forges lasting relationships with its producers

5. Fair Operating Practices

Responsible purchasing


Les Paniers de Léa, a Lille company created in 2010, supports more than 200 companies in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in the changing of their employees' eating behavior by creating moments of conviviality and awareness-raising measures. Based on a responsible logic, the company has forged strong links with its suppliers since its inception.


• Promoting the expertise of the producers.

• Remunerate its producers in a fair manner so that they would maintain their expertise and a consistent and healthy quality level.

• Coping with rapid changes in orders thanks to healthy relationships.


Since the beginning of its activity, Les Paniers de Léa has been working with the same producers and buys directly from them. Communication and transparency are two very important elements since the offer is built according to the specificities and constraints of producers (climate, personnel ...).

Together with its partner producers, Lea's Baskets co-signs a Responsible Procurement Charter which commits in particular farmers to the quality of their products and the company to fair remuneration. To guarantee the quality of this relationship, Les Paniers de Léa audits all its supplier signatories once a year on site. They are warned of their visit for reasons of availability. The company is working with 26 producers in 2016.

Two annual meetings of the "Léa" are organized in the conviviality and sharing at the location of one of the producers in order to promote exchange of ideas, communicating their expectations, on actions to support of the company to producers and informing on the quality of their products. In June 2015, the meeting took place at the location of a beekeeper in Halluin, 7 companies were represented.

Moreover, the priority is placed on the local origin of the products. At the establishment of the company 100% of the products were locally produced. Today, this rate has fallen to about 50%, but 80% of the products sold come from sustainable agriculture and "direct producers". Among them, 4 have their operation in the South of France (cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, melons).


- By working based on strict principles with farms on human scale, the company acknowledges a decrease in the margin.

- But the coherent bias in the process of promoting health and welfare through nutrition is a source of competitiveness advantage over the competition.


- 26 producer signatories of the Responsible Procurement Charter in 2016

- Reduced levels of pesticides contained in fruits and vegetables 

- In 2015, the annual pesticide residue analysis of the apple and pear producer in Saint Pierre Brouck was virtually zero (0.9%). 

6 salariés (2015)
500 000€ (2015)


bâtiment M, 2ème Avenue du Port Fluvial
59000 Lille


Olivier HIREL ;Co-fondateur, Directeur Général ;06 87 47 90 46 ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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