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ORANGE facilitates communication services access for the disabled

6. Clients and consumers

Client and consumer relations


Orange is one of the main telecommunications operators as it serves 250 million customers around the world. The CSR is deeply embedded in the culture and the history of the company. Orange has been built on founding values guiding their principles of action regarding all its stakeholders. Orange asserts its will to be a major actor in employing disabled people. Pursuant to its commitments as a socially responsible company, Orange wants to keep up and reinforce its volunteer policy in order to reach the legal employment rate of 6%.


  • To reach the legal employment rate of 6% of disabled workers
  • To facilitate the integration of disabled workers by enabling them to perform their activity in good conditions, and to evolve in terms of responsibility, based on their potential and their motivation
  • To show how strong they are convinced that disabled employees distinctively contribute to the cohesion of teams, which favors their presence in all its jobs


Orange asserts its will to be a major actor in employing disabled people. The company cares about its disabled employees’ well-being, by ensuring them future prospects without restricting them in a single task throughout their career, particularly by facilitating access to trainings.The company’s policy revolves around several management lines:
  • Keeping disabled people employed through the improvement of work, safety and accessibility conditions
  • Reinforcing the personal assistance, which allows for an improvement of the life quality at work
  • Recruiting disabled people for all positions open to external recruitment, as part of the global employment policy of Orange. Welcoming disabled interns and sandwich course students to form a priority source of trained candidates
  • Paying particular attention to the professional development and to special arrangements for end-of-career staff, through measures of “Temps Partiel Senior Handicap” (part-time job for disabled seniors), immediately preceding the retirement for employees who can retire in the 5 years since which they have been part of the measures
  • Raising more awareness about handicap and valuing teams and managers who assist disabled employees every day
  • Continuing to enter into supply contracts, service agreements and subcontracting agreements with establishments from the adapted and protected sector



  • In 2014, the disabled people recruitment rate for the Management Orange North of France was 6.3%
  • In 2014, we resorted to €14,950 from the adapted and protected sector


  • Participation to 6 forums for employment (Job in Live, Handicafé…) and to various dedicated events (Autonomic fair, Handinum week-end…)
  • Collaboration with the GEIQ Employment and Handicap (a group of employers to favor integration and qualification) for the recruitment and the retrieval of external résumés
  • Organization of discovery visits for interns from the school of professional retraining Maginot
  • Yearly payment almost amounting to €15,000 of apprenticeship tax due to handicap
152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


78 Rue Olivier de Serres
75000 Paris


Alain Dubois, Délégué RSE déploiement et mise en œuvre, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 06 32 06 41 36

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