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ORANGE rolls out locally-adapted solutions to meet Africans' needs

7. Community involvement

Social investment


Agriculture, health, education, financial services: Information and Communication Technologies (or ICTs) are capable of generating solutions in all fields, provided users are being offered applications suited to their particular situation. As part of its Orange for development strategy, Orange designs products and services that, in each field targeted, yield the best lever for development.


  • Projecting Information and Communication Technologies as a lever for economic and social development, especially within emerging nations.


Connectivity: Orange has equipped 4,350 villages with community phones across 6 countries (Mali, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Niger, the Central African Republic and Cameroon). This public phone service consists of providing a member of an isolated village with a mobile connection kit containing a terminal, SIM card, long-range antenna and a solar charger. This micro-scale venture is then able to rent the mobile connection to fellow villagers.

Finance: In 13 African and Indian Ocean countries, Orange Money makes it possible to send and receive funds via a cell phone. Purchasing retail services, recharging mobile devices, transferring money and paying bills or employees are some of the services proposed, which also extend to savings and insurance solutions. Created in 2008, Orange Money has already enrolled over 11 million users.

Agriculture: After the success of experimental campaigns conducted since 2011 in Niger (Labaroun Kassoua mobile services offering real-time access to agricultural commodity prices), Orange launched in 2013 two new programs: Sénékéla in Mali (farming advisory services and market pricing information), and SIM Anacarde in Ivory Coast (information and advice on the cashew sector).

Health: Through its Healthcare Division, Orange is heavily involved in the provision of mobile health services. As an example, in Mali, the mWomen project conducted in partnership with the local bank MFS Africa plans on offering pregnant women and their children a very basic medical coverage for a monthly premium of around €2, potentially paid remotely via the Malian community with Orange Money. This project was awarded a subsidy worth $70,000 subsequent to a call for mWomen projects sponsored by GSMA (Special Group Mobility Association).


  • Consolidation of customer loyalty
  • Dynamic actor in the economic development of emerging nations.


  • Simplifying life for individuals who until now have only had very limited access to:

- banking services (Orange Money)

- mobile communication (Community Phones)

- agricultural information (the "m-agri" solution).

152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


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