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SNCF commits to sustainable mobility education

7. Community involvement



As a responsible company and a public service group, SNCF cares about the environment in which it operates, about the public they are addressing and gets involved alongside them to answer their needs in term of prevention, quality of service and community life apprenticeship/ Si for more than 20 years, SNCF has been leading awareness-raising actions for the youth to prevent risks in railway environments and prompt prudent behaviors.


  • Prevent accidents to persons 
  • Reduce cases of incivilities and encourage respect to others 
  • Mitigate willful conducts committed against railway equipment


School-level interventions

SNCF employees intervene graciously in classes from elementary to high school to raise young’s people awareness on respect for others, properties and safety requirements with the support of the « Travelers and Citizen » pedagogic program. The fully interactive program tackles the subject of the risks in a railway environment (electrocution and track crossing, related accidents) and the civic behaviors to be adopted in public transportation. Based on experience-based pedagogy and tailored for every age-group, animations put students in concrete conditions: bordering railway lines, on the platform or within a train. 

Educational resources for teachers

Since January 2014 SNCF proposes a pedagogic resource center for teachers. They provide material to tackle notions such as citizenship, security and land-use planning from elementary to high school. The center offers more than 130 resources to conduct turnkey or adaptable interactive sessions, tightly linked to the schools curricula.

Engage youth with special operations

For some years now SNCF has launched a yearly ideas competition on themes related to sustainable mobility (security, civic manners but also environmental stakes of transportation). Target and procedures evolve year after year, but the competition keep challenging young people in the building of creative projects (slam, banner, communication campaign) to raise the youth awareness on such stakes. 

Adaptation to new stakes in sensitization and training

In the current international climate, SNCF cares about migrant populations arriving on French soil. Migrants often lack knowledge regarding train operations and security rules to be followed alongside tracks. To address this non-French speaking audience, SNCF volunteers demonstrate flexibility and creativity in the use of resources at their disposal: To achieve this particular mission, SNCF chose to publish two specific visual supports targeting these specific populations to provide information on railway related risks. To this end, visual dictionary and a leaflet clearly illustrating incurred dangers have been communicated and distributed to the public.

SNCF provides product in order to be fully commited in sustainable mobility : read the best practice 

A Best Practice initially identified in 2012 by World Forum  for a Responsible Economy and updated in 2017.


  • Improvement in service quality
  • Lower accidents to persons cases in railway environments
  • Mitigate costs in repairing materials


In 10 years, 1 314 volunteers in school environment (VMS, Volontaire en Milieu Scolaire) intervened in 87 000 mediations, they met 2.1 million students in elementary, secondary and high school as well as in prisons, care centers, community services and penal compensation measures. 
260 000 (2017)
33.5 milliards d’euros (2017)


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Clémence BECK, Chef de mission éducation / prévention

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