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ADEO helps young people from modest backgrounds to build an ambitious professional future

2. Human Rights


World leader in the do-it-yourself market, ADEO, whose values place people at the heart of the company, has joined Areli's Emergence program. This program aims to enable talented young people from modest backgrounds to continue their studies and build a professional future that matches their potential.
The program is represented by a sponsorship between partner companies and young winners. Adeo employees volunteered to sponsor 10 young people in 2019.


  • Making the business world accessible to young people from all walks of life

  • Reveal their potential by giving them the means to succeed

  • To make the company respectful of differences and open to diversity

  • Involving an internal collective in a meaningful project

  • Contributing to the skills development of future generations


A class of 30 to 50 bachelors from the Hauts-de-France region is selected each year to join the Emergence program. In this context, they are challenged, supported in their path to employment and invited to commit to civic actions.

Initially, a speed-meeting brings together sponsors and young people so that the pairs can be formed in a chosen way. These sponsors are then led to coach the young people individually during their schooling through 2 to 3 annual meetings led jointly by Adeo and Areli.

Adeo also facilitates their professional integration by supporting them in their search for internships and jobs, in addition to supporting them financially during their 5 years of higher education. This assistance takes the form of scholarships ranging from €1,000 to €6,500 per year, enabling them to access the ambitious programs they covet. It can also take the form of housing assistance or assistance for internships abroad.

Throughout the duration of this support, the winners are received on the company's premises and benefit from its professional network. They also have the opportunity to discover Adeo's businesses and benefit from internal tools such as a leadership test. Finally, Adeo organizes a kind of TedX with these young people in order to teach them how to pitcher, enhance their career path and communicate about the program in which they have participated.

Beyond financial and human support, the winners are invited to undertake for others by getting involved in an association of their choice. This program thus enables them to pursue the studies they wish to pursue while building the professional future they aspire to. It is a give-and-take relationship: the laureate is an actor in his or her own career path, committed to others and supported in order to achieve his or her goals.


  • Increasing managers' skills in terms of support and active listening; they are also led to leave their usual work context and therefore take a step back, enriching their management methods

  • These managers are happy to be involved in such a project, which often corresponds to a need for meaning in their work: mentoring is motivating because the effects on the young people's career paths are concrete and visible

  • Contribution to the employer brand and potential detection of young talent: young people discover the Group, its businesses and its values


  • 700 young people have taken advantage of this program

  • 469 of them are now in the labour force in the jobs they wanted to do

  • Each year, the programme collects around €15,000 in spontaneous donations from current laureates

  • A virtuous circle is created: the laureates in turn become sponsors and involve their companies

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