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With Linked Out, ADVENS supports the most disadvantaged people in their search for work

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Advens has been working in the field of cyber security in France for more than 18 years. The mission of this service provider is to secure data and the integrity of corporate IT resources with agility, efficiency and with the motto: "security is a source of value".

The field of cybersecurity is particularly fluid, as evidenced by the constant and unbridled evolution of threats and risks of digital attacks. Hackers are innovating, their profiles are changing and their ways of thinking are proving to be different from the profiles generally trained to counter these threats. Beyond this inequity, the sector is severely understaffed. Also, 5 million people are considered to be isolated in France. Many of them live in precarious conditions and have almost no social relations.

These various observations lead to a unique problem: diversifying the profiles of digital professions would make it possible to be more efficient and in phase with the changes in the sector.  It could also help to reduce social and professional exclusion.


  • Contribute to the re-employment of people in very precarious situations

  • Putting people back at the centre of its HR strategy

  • Addressing labour shortages in the field of cybersecurity

  • Diversifying Cyber Security Trade Profiles

  • Gaining agility and efficiency in the face of the threat of cyber-attacks


In 2019, Advens met Linked Out, an initiative led by the Entourage network, whose ambition is to offer a network to those who don't have one.

The concept of Linked Out is simple. People in very precarious situations, isolated and looking for work are identified. The Linked Out teams rethink their CVs in order to highlight human qualities and take on sometimes difficult paths; they are simple and easy to read. They are put online on the Linked Out platform, and everyone is invited to share these profiles on their social networks in order to make their visibility on the web viral.

In addition to this digital platform, Linked Out provides them with a complete support service. Each candidate is accompanied by a volunteer coach for 9 to 12 months in order to identify their skills and qualities, write their CV, prepare them for job interviews and share their work codes with them. The volunteers accompany the candidate throughout the recruitment process and integration into the company. In addition, training courses in a wide range of fields are available to candidates in order to facilitate their employability.  

Sensitive to these issues, Advens quickly contributed to this project. The company raised awareness among its employees and stakeholders, then 15 of its employees were voluntarily trained to become coaches for Linked Out.

To go further in this inclusive process, Advens initiated discussions aimed at making the cyber security sector more inclusive. Around a round table, Advens brought together leaders from the sector and organisations specialising in inclusion around these subjects. Aware that hackers are particularly agile, diverse and have different ways of thinking from those of cybersecurity engineers, this group identified sources of skills with a view to diversifying the profiles of this sector and responding to its various challenges as effectively as possible.


  • 16 employees spontaneously supported 15 candidates in their return to work

  • Advens achieves a turnover of €20M and aims to reach €50M within 5 years


  • 95 people supported in their return to employment thanks to Linked Out

  • Emergence of discussions around the topics of professional inclusion in the cybersecurity sector

  • More diversified, united and resilient teams
200 (2020)
20M € (2020)


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