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The Prejudice Tree, a diversity initiative at CGI FINANCE

2. Human Rights


A subsidiary of Société Générale specializing in automobile, ship and pooling finance, CGI FINANCE has for many years made CSR one of its core concerns.

Committed to equal opportunity, non-discrimination and the professional integration of the disabled, CGI is developing numerous initiatives in this area. Among these, an innovative internal initiative has been created: "Prejudice, Diversity and Discrimination".


  • Raising awareness among employees through a fun team activity about prejudice and the discrimination they cause

  • Encourage spontaneous debate between teams


As part of this action, each employee receives an awareness-raising kit on disability, prejudice and discrimination. The kit contains a Hand Spinner, a gadget in the shape of a flat spinning top originally designed by a mother for her autistic daughter, as well as a letter explaining the difference between stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination criteria. Above all, she invites employees to eliminate the prejudices they have experienced, heard or even thought, by writing them on Post-It notes to be hung on a tree in a common room. A total of 300 prejudices of all kinds were collected concerning gender, age, origin, physical appearance or disability.

This initiative created debate between the teams and their managers during informal times and, in light of its success, was then replicated in other CGI Finance branches. In each of these locations, the Trees of Prejudice remain on display on the premises to continue to challenge and sustain the debate. A collaborative conference is then held with a diversity consultant and president of the Conseil Recherche Ingénierie Formation (CORIF) on the subject of prejudice and its impact on the personal and professional spheres.


External recognition by obtaining 4 Trophies : GEIQ Employment and Disability 2018 HR and Disability Innovation Award "to move away from difference is to move away from deprivation of particular intelligence and different approaches".


  • Increase in the rate of disabled people within the company: from 2.5% to 8% between 2014 and 2019

  • Improved well-being at work: new recruits have more and more confidence in the company in which they feel they can flourish

  • Creation of social links and reinforcement of teams through coffee breaks dedicated to this tree and these themes

  • Highlighting high-stake themes such as racism, sexism and homophobia, in particular
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