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Hyboo: the sustainable and eco-responsible bike from TRIPBIKE in favor of the employment of people with disabilities

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Tripbike is a French start-up founded and chaired by Carla Sarantellis who has been involved in humanitarian actions for many years.

From the desire to combine soft mobility and the professional integration of people with disabilities, the Hyboo project was born: a bicycle with electric assistance, super light, 15 kg, whose frame is made of bamboo; Hyboo is a Made in France product, while having at heart to be inclusive with users.

Indeed, among all its specificities, the HYBOO bike is assembled by people with disabilities, thus promoting their access to employment.


  • Reduce pollution by promoting soft mobility
  • Create employment for people with disabilities
  • Putting ecology at the heart of innovation


Tripbike’s objective is "to instill an art of living through social and environmental awareness, while being invested in soft mobility".

Hyboo bikes offered for sale in E-commerce, by distributors and directly by the company are eco-responsible. Indeed, they are equipped with electric assistance and pollute much less than thermal vehicles. In addition, their frames are made of bamboo, a bio-sourced material whose carbon footprint is completely neutral. Hyboo offers a sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional bicycles.

In addition to this ecological aspect, Hyboo also creates jobs throughout the region. The company has worked a lot with the ANRH* (Association for the professional and human integration and reintegration of the disabled)* so that the assembly of the bicycles is perfectly adapted and simplified for the users of the Association to be able to put them together.


  • Tripbike has just completed a fundraiser to continue its development in France and internationally.
  • Winner of the Responsible Economy Trophies in 2021


  • Reduction of pollution by supporting the movement of the transition towards soft and responsible mobility
  • Job creation for people with disabilities


764 Bd Lahure,
59500 Douai


Carla Sarantellis


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