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PICTO ACCESS promotes places that are accessible to all and informs people with fragile mobility

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


In accordance with the law of 11 February 2005 on equal rights and opportunities participation and citizenship of people with disabilities, establishments open to the public are required to allow access to their buildings and services to disabled.

Fully aware of the importance of social inclusion for all, Picto Access encourages public places and businesses to communicate more about their levels of accessibility. With the Picto Access service and colored pictograms, users can find out in real time if it’s for example possible to get there in a wheelchair ? In a stroller? When you are visually impaired? etc. These informations can be directly integrated into the websites, social networks, Google, and physical signage.

Picto Access thus not only allows a diagnosis of the welcoming process of the customer, but also of the employee.


  • Inform people in fragile situations about the accessibility of establishments open to the public
  • Promote the initiatives of structures in terms of facilities arrangement
  • Improve the quality of place’s hospitality and increase its attendance
  • Promote social inclusion


When you are in a fragile situation, being autonomous and free to move around is not an easy task. Indeed, many places are not adapted, making tasks of daily life such as going to the bank, to a job interview or to the restaurant extremely complicated.

To remedy this situation, Picto Access, recognized as being of social utility, provides an innovative solution to improve the accessibility of establishments, businesses, transport networks or public places.

Thanks to the technology developed by Picto Access, users can easily find accessibility information for places and services regardless of the digital search route they take, thanks to the colored pictograms located on the websites of establishments. Structures welcoming the public can communicate on their welcoming conditions and their arrangements, thus enabling them to increase their attendance rates. They then evaluate their levels of accessibility, the opinions of customers and employees, and can make improvements.


  • Picto Access currently lists more than 5,000 public places in MEL, CUD, CUA, CABBALR, AMIENS METROPOLE….
  • The start-up has more than 25 million visits to its information nationwide.
  • 2 fundraising enabled the company to acquire more than two million euros in order to finance its growth


  • Promotes the development of a much more inclusive territory : establishments open to the public use the diagnosis of their reception conditions and the opinions of users on that in order to adapt their structures
  • Newly promotes the employability of people with disabilities by allowing them better access to their workplace


Picto Access


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