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"Recognition in conscience" by IMFUSIO, a remuneration chosen by the employees themselves

3. Labor relations / working conditions


Since 2005, Imfusio accompanies organizations in their transformations on subjects such as innovation and managerial culture. In its consulting activities, the company starts a transformation with voluntary and enthusiastic people, then relies on positive contagion to lead the teams in the project concerned.

Real laboratory for its customers and its teams, Imfusio continuously adjusts its operating modes with the will to combine pleasure and confidence in its daily activities. With the will to push the system of governance in its retrenchments, the founders took up the challenge of shared and liberated governance through "recognition in conscience".


  • Decentralize the subject of salary in order to mobilize employees for a common vision

  • Desacralize the subjects that deal with the salary in the company

  • Giving everyone the opportunity to be more aware of their own value

  • Enable each employee to choose the recognition that suits him/her best


To develop a remuneration in conscience, Imfusio worked step by step to facilitate acceptance by all and did not hesitate to return to the model in order to make improvements while assuming its past mistakes.

First of all, it has limited the salary gap by paying employees equally in 2 strata: partners and employees. They then participated in a seminar led by a coach, during which they were able to understand and clean up their relationship to money. This initiative led to a high level of trust and everyone was able to freely express their expectations, without taboos.

Inspired by similar business models, Imfusio managed to implement the remuneration consciously with the approval of its 14 employees. Thus, they meet every 4 months to present the company's figures, its financial situation as well as the salary of each individual in a transparent manner. These meetings are an opportunity to take a step back so that everyone can assess their remuneration according to their involvement and the company's financial situation. It is also an opportunity for employees to question the project, share their needs and desires and adapt the working conditions to each employee. For example, salary increases, unlimited leave "in conscience" as well as a weekly reduction of the time without work without consequence on the salary are possible at Imfusio.

Recently, its shared governance has taken on another dimension thanks to the opening up of its capital; 30% of it has been distributed by and among its employees free of charge.


  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Reinforcement of the team's cohesion on a daily basis and pleasure at work, in particular thanks to meetings every 4 months

  • The end result of power sharing with fully liberated shared governance

  • Improving business resilience

  • B-Corp certification in 2019


  • Provides the company with an innovative and responsible working environment

  • Sharing with the world a new managerial culture characterized by self-governance

  • Helps society to better understand that wages are not taboo

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