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Telework: an alternative now possible to CREDIT MUTUEL NORD EUROPE

3. Labor relations / working conditions


Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE), a mutual cooperative bank, is an active regional bank that demonstrates responsibility and social commitment in its Banking, Insurance and Asset Management activities.

In a constantly changing environment, CMNE has sought to adapt to technological, regulatory, social and societal changes. Since 2016, the CMNE has been experimenting with teleworking. After a very positive assessment, the management and the social partners signed an agreement in 2018 to make it a sustainable way of organising work.


  • Balancing working hours: interviews, meetings, office life in open space, study of files, etc.

  • Contributing to a better quality of life at work while reconciling the organizational and operational imperatives of the divisions

  • Promote work/life balance

  • Minimise transport times

  • Appropriating digital tools


Since November 2016, CMNE has been engaged in a telework experiment. Initially, some thirty employees from four departments were mobilized for this first test, which was then expanded. The results were 100% satisfactory and led to the signing of a company agreement on telework in December 2018.

To be eligible to telework, an employee must meet certain conditions validated by HR and managers. 3 teleworking rhythms are proposed: 1 day per week, one ½ day per week or 1 day per fortnight.

As support for employees and managers is the key to the successful deployment of telework, several support measures have been put in place:

  • Information meetings on the conditions of transition to telework and the rights and duties of the teleworker

  • Upstream, employees are equipped and trained to use their new work tools (laptop, softphone software)

  • Training for managers, entitled "Management of Telework", which aims to better understand the changes brought about by telework and the implementation of new operating processes.


  • Employee well-being and loyalty

  • Attractiveness of the group for recruitment

  • Employees and managers involved

  • Better appropriation of digital and team-building tools


  • Since its launch at the end of 2016, more than 270 employees and managers will be teleworking by September 16, 2019

  • 100% positive feedback from employees

  • Skills development (digital, managerial, teamwork)

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