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With Promo Talent, FLUNCH encourages its employees to improve their skills

3. Labor relations / working conditions


Created in 1971, Flunch belongs to the AGAPES Restauration group. Inspired by the American model of the time, this fast lunch concept aims to enable the greatest number of people to eat with a wide choice of quality products at affordable prices. Flunch now has 250 restaurants.
Concerned about its environment and its responsibility as a major player in the French restaurant industry, Flunch has for many years been deploying a responsible approach to purchasing and relations with its employees. With the creation of an internal CSR department in 2018, the company has structured and reinforced its commitments on all aspects of CSR and sustainable development. Highly involved in governance, Flunch is particularly concerned about the professional development of its employees.


  • Fostering skills development and revealing talent

  • Ensuring the professional development of employees

  • Fighting discrimination using objective tools


To develop the skills of its employees, Flunch has set up an internal tool called Promo Talent.
Every year, talents are identified according to their skills, performance and development potential. They then join the Promo Talent. For 18 months, these employees, identified as " promising future managers ", are trained and work on subjects that motivate them.
In 2019, this Promo Talent worked on 2 subjects:

  • An environmental focus: waste reduction, packaging, plastics... This issue was then rolled out at national level with the Sustainable Development Week. This allows them to promote their approach, to give concrete expression to their efforts on a large scale and to raise awareness among all employees by putting their peers in the spotlight.
  • A focus on local (i.e. seasonal) products: supply, purchasing and logistics... This subject is currently being developed in various territories.

At the same time, Flunch is organising the Talent Rewiew. This consists of an annual collegial meeting to evaluate all employees on their performance and potential. The objective is to determine their career plan, according to their professional project. These measures ensure objectivity and equal evaluation. Tailor-made training courses are then offered to employees who are progressing as part of a progress approach. They concern all employees and are adapted to each of them.

Flunch also deploys the Salary Review, a tool similar to the Talent Review applied to salary.


  • Since 2016, 60 employees have progressed to the position of restaurant manager.

One of the Promo Talent employees was able to apply the fruit of their reflections on the Noyelles-Godault facility:

  • A new design recycling pallets for decoration
  • The removal of tray sets and certain packaging
  • The implementation of 6-flow sorting and sorting in the dining room by customers
  • A local offer with seasonal vegetables and a partnership with a local butcher's shop


  • Career development opportunities contribute to the fulfilment of employees' personal development
  • Increased time for exchanges and collective intelligence between peers
  • Diversity of profiles in professional and managerial positions
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging of employees, who have evolved at their own pace within the company


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