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SUPERMARCHES MATCH invites its young employees to take part in the company's strategic orientations

1. Organizational Governance


Supermarché Match is a family business founded in 1908 with the arrival in France of the Delhaize family, who had originally set up branches in Belgium. Initially made up of a network of grocery shops in the North, Lorraine and Alsace, the company opened its first supermarket in 1960. Today, it comprises 114 supermarkets in the north-eastern quarter of France.

Almost three years ago, Supermarché Match launched a new development project for the company called "Good Food". Through this project, Supermarché Match wishes to renew and strengthen its fundamentals: proximity, freshness, accessibility, professionalism and welcome in order to become "the preferred retailer of healthy and tasty food for all". Supermarché Match has also been renovating all of its shops for the past 3 years, particularly its "Market Zone" where all the craftsmen and women working in the food trade (bakers, butchers, fishmongers, etc.) are present. Because Supermarché Match is every day the market!

At the same time, the brand also wanted to structure and reinforce its CSR ambition to make each employee and each stakeholder a player in the approach.


  • Involving employees in the company's strategy

  • Challenging in-house strategic thinking and decisions

  • Strengthening the resilience of the company

  • Accelerate its transformation with fresh ideas on the major challenges facing the company


The company's strategy is driven by the company's Executive Committee (Comex). CSR is brought to the Comex by the Legal Director - CSR.

A Comex Y, made up of employees between 25 and 35 years old representing the different departments of the company, participates in the monthly Comex meetings and proposes ideas to help the company project move forward. The members of this Comex Y are co-opted by a member of the Comex and are free to accept or reject. If CSR projects emerge from the ideas of Comex Y, the CSR manager supports them in their implementation, such as, for example, the presence of the 114 shops on the anti-gaspi application Too Good To Go.


  • Generates new and diversified ideas to best respond to the major challenges it faces

  • Contributes to the attractiveness of the brand in terms of human resources

  • Positive impact on the employer brand


  • Involvement and valorisation of generation Y (tomorrow's generation)

  • Initiation of new, more agile and horizontal managerial practices

  • Unite teams around high added value projects and contribute to a better living together within the company


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