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TAPE A L'ŒIL co-constructs its strategy with all its stakeholders

1. Organizational Governance


Founded in 1996, Tape à l'œil is a French brand of ready-to-wear and accessories for children. Tape à l'œil is aware of current social issues and has adopted a cross-functional CSR approach combining "consume better, produce better, manage better".

With its 1,000 employees, Tape à l'œil promotes a corporate vision focused on transparency and cooperation, with the main challenge being to embody the "Open Company". Indeed, the company is convinced that "working together makes you go further, stronger, faster". This translates into the "co" mode, as co-construction, collective, trust... It involves its employees, customers and partners in the company's subjects and reflections.


  • Better meet the expectations of their stakeholders

  • Strengthen team cohesion and unite employees around common challenges

  • Ensuring transparency in thinking and decision making

  • Ensuring concrete progress on quality of life at work

  • Creating synergy around the brand


For Tape à l'œil, working in good conditions requires transparency and trust. This is why it operates as an Open Company, and invites all its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners and employees) to an annual convention to share their thoughts and recently adopted decisions.

In May 2019, Tape à l'œil reworked and co-wrote its corporate vision with all its teams. Each at their own level, the employees contribute to the company project. Through the "Teams Labs", the company brings its employees together in working groups in order to co-construct certain human policies of the company, such as the rules governing teleworking, remuneration policies and their annual internal barometer. These solutions, drawn up by and for the employees, enable us to meet their expectations in the best possible way. For example, the last Team Lab worked on the subject of flexible working hours for central services. The employees proposed the right solutions combining the needs of the business and the wishes of the employees.

In addition, the brand has developed a "Family Lab", which integrates their customers in the co-construction of their collections. In 2019, 9 panels of customers worked together on their collections and tested more than a hundred products. Their feedback enables Tape à l'œil to improve their products, as close as possible to customers' needs.


  • Tape à l'oeil is ranked 23rd among the 500 companies in the clothing sector in the Capital's list of the best companies

  • 4 Team Labs were created in 2019


  • At Great Place to Work 2018, 86% of employees say they are proud of their contribution to the company

  • Feeling of sharing a common vision and strong values
746 (2018)
172 M€ (2019)

Tape à l oeil

24 Avenue du Grand Cottignies
59290 Wasquehal

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