DECATHLON would like to reconcile pro life/private life for all its employees


Décathlon is an international company, which was created in 1976. It designs and sells sport items in its 1053 stores spread out in 28 countries. Historically, the CSR operations pertain HR (employee shareholding, training) and management (room for error, culture of collaboration and sharing) subjects, and the relations of stores with their local stakeholders. Décathlon pay much attention to the well-being of its employees and acknowledges them as its most important source of value creation.

Objective (s)

  • To work on the psycho-social risks prevention at three levels: elementary, secondary, and third.
  • To ensure more autonomy and freedom in the management of their working hours and maintain a balance between their private life and their professional life.
  • To propose employees to choose their type of contract, adapted to their personal situation to meet the various expectations.


The common denominators of the 70,000 employees around the world are the corporate culture and the sports practice. The corporate culture is very strong on the human aspects, and advocates a great autonomy of employees in their organization and a collaborative work based on trust and respect. Frequent interviews are planned between employees and their manager (on monthly and annual bases). During these different meetings, the employee can express: his feelings about the workload, the work organization in the establishment, the coordination between his professional activity and his private life; the role that his work and his responsibilities can play in his health; his suggestions for improvement…


Décathlon also took several measures concerning the working hours.


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Agreement on part-time work dated February 6th, 2009:

  • Students: “dynamic” contract enabling them to combine job and studies during the school year, working full time during holidays, so that they can fund their studies.
  • Family fathers and mothers, and accumulation of two jobs: “balance” contract with a low variation in time (more or less ⅓ of their contractual average weekly wage), enabling them to combine work pace and family obligations.

Agreement on the organization of working time for executives dated July 31st, 2013:


  • Holding several meetings about the workload to ensure safety and health to the executives (mid-year interview, monthly interviews…).
  • As part of management trainings for bosses during their assumption of duties, a chapter will be dedicated to the working time of executives and especially to autonomy and time management.
  • Right for any executive to organize the practice of his favorite sport during the week…

Contribution to company performance

  • Décathlon won the 4th place in the “Great Place to Work” ranking in 2014 and 2015.

Social and / or environmental benefits

  • Recruitment of an occupational psychologist in 2015
  • In 2015, implementation of a national network of social assistants for all Décathlon employees
  • In 2015, creation of a training to prevent psychosocial risks.
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