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Adecco is committed to the employment of people with disabilities

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Adecco France develops temporary employment services through its 845 branches with 27,000 corporate customers per week. Adecco France is committed in the fight against all forms of discrimination, both in its internal recruitment as well as in the services offered to businesses. To further accelerate the implementation of the French law of 2006 which requires any employer with more than 20 employees to have at least 6% which are disabled, the company is reinforcing its commitment.


  •   Fight against discrimination of handicapped persons found within its own services
  •   Assist and inform persons with disabilities
  •   Develop the panel of candidates with recognized disabilities
  •   Assist and advise client companies to hire and recruit people with disabilities
  •   Develop a partnership with activist organizations


Adecco has established a national center, which consists of 6 people and 26 regional experts in charge of the Handicap and Skills Mission. This center has carried out various measures to promote employment of people with disabilities:

- Training of staff for research, selection and recruitment awareness and fight against prejudice

- Training for people with disabilities to obtain the match between business needs and skills of candidates

- Developing a tri-community on-line platform forum including membership directory, practical and legal information, and submitting and viewing of CVs online.

-  Creation of a special employment center in Paris

- Numerous regional initiatives in 2010 and 2011: job meetings, conferences, trainings, mock job interviews.


  •   Improved know-how of the company
  •   Improved corporate image
  •   New skills for corporate clients


  •   Access to employment for 5287 persons with disabilities in 2008
  •   Changing the image of disabled people in business and society
  •   Training and skills development for disabled jobseekers


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