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API RESTAURATION opens up and takes part in professional intergration

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


API Restauration is a mass catering company founded in 1956. Today, it owns 34 central kitchens, more than 1,000 restaurants and 35 regional offices in France and Belgium.The company promotes social progress both internally and externally. With its own training institute, the INFRES (Training Institute in Catering), API Restauration is committed to promoting professional integration among young people. The INFRES is also committed to integrating people with major difficulties.


  • To promote access to employment for people from deprived areas.
  • To favor a variety of recruitment to enrich the company with new career paths and personalities
  • Willingness to share certain values of the company, including equal opportunities and the recognition of everyone's skills
  • To ensure the continued existence of the employees in the company


API Restauration is committed to putting people at the heart of its approach to recruitment. As a responsible company, API Restauration wants to support people in reintegration by providing them with professional training in connection with the cooking profession. - API Restauration's training center, the INFRES, leads a partnership with Pôle Emploi Nord-Pas de Calais to provide training to job seekers. In 2012-2013, 14 people were trained as "professional kitchen staff" and 12 as "professional restaurant staff". - API is a host company for people in CIF (individual training leave). Thus, four employees from Pimkie Diramode attended a training session and courses as part of their professional retraining.Another example of integration for people in difficulty: the launch in 2012-2013 of a partnership with L'Ilot, a center for people just released from prison (accommodation, training...) 


Growth in turnover: +8% in 2012, +11.6% in 2011 Increasing recruitments: in 6 years, API has created and taken over 1,600 jobs


Support for the reintegration of people in major difficulty or unfamiliar with the company's sector

4248 (2012)
334,22 M€ (2012)


384 rue du Général De Gaulle
BP 85
59370 Mons-en-Baroeul


Laure Lagier, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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