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AUTOGRILL launches occupational hazard prevention

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Workplace health and safety


In the catering business,the risks of accidents (TA) and diseases (PD) are significant, resulting inhigh absenteeism for Autogrill. Faced with this problem, the Italian firm Autogrillhas called on its French sites for an improvement process.


  •   Assess and reduce accidents
  •  Improve working conditions
  •  Reduce costs related to absenteeism


In 2005, Autogrill Franceimplemented centralized management unit for occupational accidents, whichassessed 682 accidents that year and of which 131 rollover (1799 days lost forthe company).

In partnership with the CRAM(Caisse Régionale d'Assurance Maladie) in the south east, 3 sites areparticipating in a pilot project. Given positive results, the ERGOS (Ensemblepour Développer la qualité de vie au travail/Together for Developing Quality ofwork life) approach will be extended to the entire network:

- Listen to employees about the risks to theirbusiness

- Classification of risks in the short or long term bythe manager following meetings

- Developing an action plan referred to in immediatedisplay of the establishment

- Risk assessment long-term teams, drafting a singledocument by the manager with a local component on the annual program ofprevention

- Monitoring of actions in theform of a spreadsheet (% employees listened to, problems identified, actionsand preventive measures carried out)

- Spreading Best Practices onprevention in all schools

In 2009, Autogrill France signeda 3 year renewable with the CNAM for continuing the project ERGOS and the ergonomicdesign of premises and workplaces.


  •   2005 to2008: a decrease in accidents (2.5 times less); corresponding reduction ofworking days lost (2.3 times)
  •   Improvedemployee motivation and productivity


  •   Satisfaction expressed by employees listened to and improving workingconditions
  •   Lower social and human costs of accidents
  •   Long-term monitoring of the project and broadening experience

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