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BNP PARIBAS is committed to diversity and equality between men and women

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


BNP PARIBAS supports cultural diversity and equality between men and women as factors for its future success. So, the group signed an agreement with Trade Unions to pursue such objective on 9 April 2004.


The agreement which was signed identified 11 objectives to be attained. 8 of them are related to human resources management, in particular to equality between men and women at work. Such objectives include:

  • preservation of the balance between men and women within the group.
  • compliance with the principle of equal treatment between men and women - in particular concerning remuneration.
  • ensuring a fair access to development.


In order to achieve objectives which were set, the group has put in place a number of actions, including:

  • guarantying equivalent wages and a single employment process.
  • in case any difference in wages should be noted for the same level of responsibilities, the group promises to analyse the situation and make corrections required.
  • offering to women the same career opportunities as those offered to men - in particular to access responsible positions.
  • in case of geographic mobility of an employee, offering a position upon acceptable conditions to his/her spouse.
  • communicating information to an employee on maternity leave. She will remain the recipient of general information, in particular information related to the exercise of her work activities. Upon her return, the employee will be received by her line manager to determine the terms of her re-inclusion, at a position which may meet her career advancement desires.


  • Opening of certain responsible functions to growing numbers of women.
  • The group also note that absenteeism is being reduced and that employees are more involved.


  • The group notes an increasing proportion of women in the executive category.
  • More than 50% of new employees are women.
198 816 salariés (2020)
44,6 milliards € (2020)

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