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2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


BRICOMAN FRANCE, guided by a meaningful business plan (covering four main themes: commitment, proximity, effectiveness, unity) is setting up a consistent recruitment method in which personality and aptitudes take precedence over education and experience levels. This method is being established in partnership with the Pôle Emploi and with the participation of Cap Emploi.

It is a plan that is constantly evolving to remain in step with the needs and trends within the company and on the employment market. 


- Broaden the profiles of recruited employees
- Permit diversity in skills, origins, and behavioural styles
- Facilitate local recruitment 


Decisive preliminary work for the company involves defining the behavioural and aptitude profile needed for the position to be filled.
The intent of the implemented method is to evaluate applicants’ personality and behaviour. Through a series of exercises and interviews, we test the capacities, skills, and aptitudes for working in specific areas or roles, without pre-selection based on initial training or experience.

This takes place in four steps:

Presentation of BRICOMAN, the various warehouse store positions and trades, the positions to be filled.
Prerequisite tests (simple calculation, observation, and classification exercises)
The candidates are then placed in fictitious but concrete situations closely based on actual experiences that occur in the company and stores. For example: customer and supplier relations, team work, order preparation, etc.
Lastly, a thorough personality interview (predictive index), in complete transparency with the candidate who alone will approve the final report, to better assist him or her to understand and help select the environment in which s/he will be most at ease and thus in which s/he will adapt most easily to the work situation.

The recruitment stages themselves help indicate the future employee’s motivation. 


- Turnover lower than with traditional recruitment 


- Employee diversity
- New recruits show great adaptability and more potential
- Increased motivation to get involved and integrate  


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