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CLAYRTON'S promotes well-being at work

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Clayrton's, a family-run company founded in Roubaix in 1968, specializing in packaging and decoration accessories for florists, has expanded its activity to festive decoration, gift wrapping and shops. At the end of 2000s, Clayrton's focuses on the environmental qualities of its products and in 2007 commits to a more global, social and societal approach, and in particular the welfare of its employees.


  • Improving health and safety: ergonomics, reduction of accidents
  • Involving employees in the life of the company. 
  • Promoting the balance between professional/private life.


Training to minimize the risks: 20% of the staff are trained in the fight against fire every year; occupational safety training; personal protective equipment is mandatory.

Workstation ergonomics: 

• 3 pilot sectors have been specified. With the PRAP (Prevention of risks associated with physical activity) trainer and based on the recommendations of a study carried out  by an ergonomist in 2010, the employees have proposed measures for transforming their workstations (see Show More for implemented measures).

• Drafting of a summary sheet "proper movements and postures" for all employees.

Social dialog: 

• "Live my life": every employee has the opportunity to discover the job of a colleague.

• Green Power meetings (link to BP Green Power sheet) every 3 months with all employees, and Team Building meetings every 3 years in order to promote team spirit.

Balance between professional/private life:

• Reorganization of working hours for all employees of the plant during holidays and Wednesdays to allow them to spend time with their children. No meetings after 5:00 pm.

• The employees have decided to celebrate each other's birthdays in order to meet up with different services.


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Measures implemented for workstation ergonomics:

- height adjustable tables, table enlargement

- increase in the volume of the bins produced for the comfort of the operators (less movements with stretched arms),

- Reorganization of the workstation to accommodate left to right movements (previously: action left, then right, then left ....),

- purchase of new machines to facilitate work,

- Lighting improvement

Reorganization of workstations in the offices (ergonomic mice, foot rests)


• CA + 26% since 2007

• 6 employees have been trained in the PRAP through participating in the Green Power groups in order to provide information on the ergonomics of the workstations.


The staff perceives and appreciates the commitment of the management.

63 salariés (2015)
13 050 000 € (2015)


41, rue Saint Antoine


Tristan GUIREC-LEPOUTRE, Directeur Marketing et Commercial, 03 20 20 99 80, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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