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CLEANING BIO helps its vulnerable employees rebuild their lives

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


CLEANING BIO, a company of maintenance and cleaning services, counts among its employees vulnerable workers, despite a recruitment policy based on permanent contracts. Yann Orpin, director of CLEANING BIO, considers that it is the company's responsibility to act in order for workers to feel "comfortable" on a personal level so that they can be effective at work.


  • To allow employees to find a balance between private and professional life


CLEANING BIO acts on two levels in order to support its employees with financial difficulties:

-      An association, "Cleaning Solidaire", has been created to allow them to meet their basic needs, that is to buy clothes and food, with a budget compatible with their purchasing power. CLEANING BIO provides its employees with premises and helps them buy clothes and food. As for the operating of the association, it is the responsibility of the employees.

-      Two agreements have been signed with banks. The first one with BSD of the CIC group with which the employees can build a case for an equity loan or for a repurchase of loan on favorable terms. The second one with the Caisse de Solidarité from Crédit Mutuel. The latter allows them to take out a consumer credit and/or a loan to purchase a means of transport so as to make it easier to get to their working place. The company follows up cases, helps its employees with the administration and morally vouches for them if necessary.


  •  Employees who are comfortable in their private life, which allows them to produce quality work.


  • Reinforcement of solidarity between employees.
  • The employees who are helped realize that the company is also there for them, and they return the favor to the company.
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48, avenue Georges Dupont
BP 113
59373 LOOS


Yann Orpin, 03 20 17 21 17

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