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COMPETHANCE makes disability an asset for digital professions

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Founded in 2017 in Villeneuve d'Ascq, the mission of Compéthance (a subsidiary of the Urbilog group) is to increase the professional inclusion of disabled workers in the digital sector. 

Their findings are twofold:

- The digital world is a rapidly changing world where recruitment needs are growing: 36,000 positions to be filled in the next few years.

- People with disabilities have a high unemployment rate in France (80% for Asperger's autistics).


  • Addressing resource gaps in digital, computing and mobile applications

  • Promote diversity and disability talents in these professions through professional inclusion


Compéthance was interested in the performance of high-level autistic people in the digital professions. The company has collaborated with the association Le Mouton à 5 pattes (MA5P) which intervenes to facilitate the professional inclusion of autistic people.  


3 types of actions have been set up:

Training: Various atypical profiles selected without a CV and then trained for 6 months in the digital professions and in the skills needed to find a job in a company. The training environment is adapted: working environment, working method, working hours, group rules...

Raising Awareness : Awareness workshops on autism are organized for company managers (job coaching) in collaboration with the MA5P (Mouton à 5 pattes) association. The aim is to teach them how to better manage and integrate autistic candidates into their teams.

Accompanying: Active search for management contracts for accompanied persons with missions based either at clients and/or at Compéthance and creation of a CVthèque of people with disabilities.

Throughout the process, candidates benefit from allowances from Pôle Emploi and housing assistance from the CAF.

Good Practice rewarded at the 2018 Lauréats de la Diversité in the VSE - SME category.


  • The company's economic activity is constantly growing thanks to the interest of new clients in the various projects that have been set up

  • The company is sustainable. It has achieved a turnover of 740 000 € in 2018 and plans to hire 8 additional people to provide services to future partners and customers


The action has several positive results with a social impact:

  • In 2018, 2 training sessions will be set up and 15 employees will be mobilized

  • 87% success rate for those who have integrated the training cycle, some of whom were hired directly by Compéthence. 11 employees on permanent contracts, all with disabilities (autistic, motor, psychological) from the first training session

  • Increasing the employability of people with disabilities and reducing the average economic cost of an unemployed person with a disability

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24 salariés
740 000 € (2018)


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