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CYGNI, Culture and Technology in the Workplace of the Future

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Cygni is an IT consulting company founded in 2006, located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Östersund in Sweden. Cygni has steadily grown to today at almost 90 employees at offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Cygni provides the best digital solutions to media, finance, telecom, games and retail markets. 

Cygni is Sweden’s best employer and has been awarded The Best Workplace in Sweden by the Great Place To Work for four years consecutively! The Week's Business has selected Cygni to be one of the 2015 Super Companies.


Cygni’s goal is to create the best workplace for skilled IT consultants. 

  • To put the well-being and development of employees as the top priority for a modern company
  • To develop corporate culture, which will become much more important in the future because it builds strong bond between humans
  • To create values including transparency, respect for each other, forward looking and new thinking.


To build strong social relationships in the company and create a strong culture: 


  • Focus on social relations
  • Purpose instead of financial incentives
  • Remove hierarchies
  • Team orientation
  • Individualize the employee experience
  • Trust your employee – don’t measure them


In order to respect the strong culture of the company, all stakeholders must be part of the change and respect the values of the box. Financial resources will be deployed at the beginning, to convince all the staff and make them understand the process that the company is following. They celebrate victories and have fun during conferences to ensure happy atmosphere; they work with skills development; they take social responsibility as an employer.

The employees enjoy considerable flexibility and they can decide by themselves when and where to work so that they deliver to the best possible level. Instead of taking the old school of management like monitoring, Cygni drives the employees with purpose and boots team spirit. It creates moments for the employees to work as a team, for example, a team working with only one computer for programming. 


Relive the conference "Culture and technology in the workplace of the future" at WFRE17


The practices adopted contribute a lot to the company profitability and performance: 

  • Lowest Company Turn-over in Sweden
  • One of the 2015 Super Companies with a revenue of 76 396K Kronors and a return on equity of 111,2%
  • Sweden’s best employer
  • Cygni has been selected by the eHealth Authority to sign framework agreements for IT consulting services in development and management
  • Three straight DI Gasell awards and two straight awards to the Supermarket of the Year in Weekly Stores. In addition, Cygni, is the first Swedish company to have been crowned Europe's Best Workplace by two consecutive years of the Great Place to Work organization.


Offers the best workplace to employees and acts as a role model

  • Supported organizations such as Ecpat , the Childhood Cancer Foundation , BRIS and UNHCR
  • Actively participating in charity projects like «The Big Day » that allows sick children in Sweden to experience their Dream Daymm; sponsors events such as Yoda events, mini-golf competitions, racing competitions, adventurous activities, etc. 
  • Gives donations and encourages the employees to do so
90 Employés (2016)
76 396 K Kronors (2016)




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