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DOLPHIN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES : Recognize potential of each one, prioritize diversity and inclusion of people with limited mobility

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Dolphin Digital Technologies is an IT and Communication consulting company situated in Kingston, Canada. Its main activities center around computer support, but also the creation and development of software solutions. 

This company is distinguished through it HR policy : the objective is to uncover the potential and capacity of each person, while favorably accepting diversity, especially through the inclusion of persons with limited mobility.


  • Initiate a change in company mentality : to not focus on handicaps and differences but rather on competencies. 
  • Use new recruitment processes in order to facilitate hiring handicapped persons. 
  • Unleash and develop the potential and intrinsic motivation of the person who is affected by a handicap.
  • Favor communications between staff and exchange of their ideas trough a more flexible business model (adapted hours, work space design, tele-commuting).


  • Creating simplified and specific solutions to hire disabled persons (innovative recruitment techniques to evaluate the competencies of people without resumés, adapted working schedule)
  • Creation of Disabilities Mentoring Days
- Connect disabled persons looking for work with companies that are looking for their skills.- People that are in handicapped situations: understand the working world, and show others that their competencies count more than their handicaps.- Companies: meet unexploited talents, understand their competencies and better envision hiring these people.- Share experiences, exchange and avoid stigmatizing the work of handicapped persons. 


  • Prizes and awards: CME Innovator of the Year, Microsoft Community Leadership Partner of the Year IMPACT Award, Extend-A-Family Inclusion Award.
  • Turnover rate and absenteeism very low.
  • Return on investment of hiring handicapped persons is 2,5x


  • First company to create a program to help people with limited mobility : vision of a real partnership, recognition of the employee as a whole, not just as a necessary resource. 
  • Encourage other companies to hire handicapped persons.
  • New company strategies : involving people with limited mobility, having more freedom in their actions at work depending on the handicap.
  • Increasing success of « Disabilities Mentoring Day ».
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