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Dr Irena Eris improves work conditions for its employees and offers training solutions

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Eris is a Polish cosmetics company which also provides beauty and health spa services. The organisation, which is committed to the improvement of the work quality of its teams, has decided to implement a health & safety plan as well as a training and development plan for the staff. The organisation meets stringent standards in terms of manufacturing process and product quality. Eris was awarded the ISO 9000 accreditation as well as many patents and    excellence prizes.


Eris is aware of the critical impact of work conditions and training on corporate performance, so that the company wants to further improve health and safety conditions and offer personal training and development plans to its  employees.


The focus on health and well-being does not only apply to customers, but also to all employees of the organisation, who are mainly women. In the main plant where cosmetic products are manufactured for the firm, Eirs has decided to launch special care programmes.

Concerning the production line, Eris has installed special rubber flooring,  anatomical chairs and offer orthopaedic shoes and other equipment designed to avoid back pain. Eris has spent 50,000 euros in two years for all such operations.

The business further employs a doctor on a full time basis as well as a nurse. Eris offers a special remunerated break every two hours as employees stand at their work stations during working hours.

Eris staff members also have access to various training programmes planned by the organisation. Eris also refunds tuition fees for University or a business school. Eris further offers special loan schemes to its employees.


  • Eris has noted a stronger attachment and higher loyalty from its employees.
  • The staff turnover is also reduced.
  • Eris has also noted an increase in its productivity.


  • Staff members enjoy better work conditions and better health  protection schemes.
  • Employees are also offered various training programmes to change jobs more easy.

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