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EAUX DU NORD GDF SUEZ – committed actor in the city

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Eaux du Nord - GDF SUEZ is located in Lille (59) and has 430 employees. The company performs public service tasks in the areas of distribution and sanitation in partnership with local communities. Given the highly demanding jobs done by the company, the Sustainable Development axes "comes from the source."

Through various activities, Eaux du Nord invests for Diversity.


- Amplify youth employment policy
- Continue the disability policy and improvement of working conditions
- Integrate people in difficulty
- Maintain strong partnerships with associations
- Sustaining the seniors agreement


For several years, Eaux du Nord-GDF Suez has had a strong commitment to CSR. Three main axes make up its diversity policy: commitment to youth employment in the territory, employment risk prevention and well-being at work.

 22 youth in the work-study program in the Eaux du Nord, or 5.11% of total work-study program. A significant enhancement of the tutors in the company to enhance its proximity with the young interns. Participation in the Permit Sport Employment operation.

 Health Forums held each year to educate employees about their health

 Call to tenders including an integration clause of the people in difficulty in the network renewal sites.

 Diversity partnerships with local associations:

- Signed a 5th partnership agreement with Face Lille Metropole: training of persons seeking employment, hosting junior high students in discovery internships, participation in FACE Energy Sports, sponsorship by managers, and more.

- With Réseau Alliances, coaching in the professional integration of young graduates through the dynamic hiring groups and participation in the Internship and first job Forum since 2006.

- Participation in a group that prepares youth for employment with the “2nd chance school”.

- Hosting teachers during the internship week to discover the world of business

To fulfill the commitment of the company for Diversity, the union delegates and managers of Eaux du Nord have signed the Diversity Charter in 2009.

Best Pracice awarded in 2010 by Réseau Alliances and updated in 2011 for its evolution


- Disability Policy: Eaux du Nord has more than 7% recognized disabled workers, six job adjustments in 2010.
- A reduced rate of absenteeism, -1% in 2 years.
- Signing of the Diversity Charter


- Employment rate of seniors in 2010: 32% (50 +), 17% (55 years +)
- Work-study rate > 5%
- People in difficulty represent 10% of labor on a construction site
- Sponsoring by managers in partnership with FACE of 35 people looking for jobs
- Support young graduates via the Groupe Dynamique Embauche - Dynamic Hiring Group  (with Alliances Network )

CA 2010 : 90 millions d €


217, boulevard de la liberté
59800 LILLE



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