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EPSILON puts its employees first as it has always done so

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Epsilon is a textile factory engaged in social and environmental issues. The company was created 25 years ago on 3 fundamental values: Provide employees with greater wages (almost 3 times the minimum wage), ensure a high level of security within the company, and feed employees during the day.

This has always been and will always be an objective logical and necessary for the proper development of this business. Year after year, the company has worked with its customers and its employees to move forward and stay on top of global requirements.


  • Constantly develop a safe and flourishing environment for its employees
  • Go beyond the business side, develop and enhance the social environment of Madagascan employees and families.
  • Inspire competitors by showing them the profit of a CSR policy approach.


During 25 years of development, different projects have been implemented which benefits its employees:

  • Transport is organized for employees to come to work
  • Four weeks of holiday have been implemented.
  • Treatment of water at the work place with a phytosanitary treatment.
  • Scholarships are awarded to employees children
  • Continuous training is provided to employees
  • Epsilon has installed a production process that matches lean management.
  • Epsilon hosts its own medical system
  • Gym lessons for executives (everyday) and once a month for the workers (zumba, stretching)


  • 12 000 pieces of clothes are produced daily
  • Work force from 150 to 2000 employees


  • Education opportunity for employees children
  • Better working conditions for employees than in other industries
  • Increase in the reforestation of the region
  • Increase in employment of local inhabitants
1800 salariés (2014)
12 000 vêtements par jour


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