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Every one is the "driving force" behind CSR at TRANSPORTS DEPAEUW

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Workplace health and safety


Depaeuw is a family-owned company, rooted in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region since 1965. Its transport and logistics activity is based on 3 sites: Depaeux at Lompret, Depaeuw Duchatelet at Salomé (south of Lille) and Depaeuw Littoral at Dunkerque. Committed to a quality approach, the company's CSR priorities are directed towards safety objectives and fuel savings for truck drivers. This commitment is based on the mobilization of the 220 truck drivers, first players of the CSR.


  • Reducing the the risks of road accidents
  • Limiting fuel consumption: economical and ecological impact
  • Raising the sense of responsabilities of the drivers on these issues


Training and raising awareness of employees

Since 2000, an internal trainer is dedicated to safety trainings: respect of standards, goods handling, rational driving (eco driving)

All drivers in the company are thus trained for eco driving. Each of them has a computerized individual measure of his fuel consumption thanks to Buscan, a measurement tool. This tool enables a consumption study in real time: an eco-driving module is set on the touch screens in the vehicle enabling direct interaction with the driver (remote coaching). A monthly individual energy report precising individual consumption raises awareness among drivers so they adopt as best as they can this new method of driving.

To support progresses, Depaeuw implemented a profit-sharing bonus (beyond what is required by the law): 50% identical for every one, 25% related to accidents and 25% to fuel consumption.

Promoting and supporting safety

A monthly information report is disseminated to all employees, about themes such as safety distance, the rules to respect in case of bad weather, the risks when loading and unloading.

Events and workshops are organised in order to motivate and encourage employees and to turn the spotlights on the most deserving.

An "annual synergy challenge' is organised every year since 1988 within the company. There is a launch day, questions are sent and people work in collaboration on one theme:

  • 2014: "I act". Taking action and offering ideas on safety/health, respect of the environment and solidarity actions of the company.

On this occasion, annual trophies reward the drivers who have not had any accidents in 10, 20 yearsand even 30 for some of them.

This best practice was awarded by Réseau Alliance in 2006 and is updated in 2014 because of its evolution.


  • Responsible accidents: 1997 : 1/220,000 km and 2013: 1/485,000 km
  • Average fuel consumption (L/100 km) : 2010 : 31,94 and 2013 : 31,32
  • Logistics: reduction of kms with no load, trucks are more laoded
  • Employees suscribe to shared values: Health, Safety, Environment


  • Decrease of accidentology: less usual accidents, less risks of serious accidents
  • Influence of eco-driving on the personal life (outside of work)
  • Reduction of pollution related to fuels (kms avoided and eco driving)


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