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Facilitation during the second part of Professional life at CASTORAMA

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Castorama belongs to the group Kingfisher -Europe’s largest home improvement retailer-. Castorama employs 12,600 persons who contribute everyday to its success on its market and help to achieve, through a network of 102 stores. Castorama’s main objectives concerning its policy for men and women development are: promote diversity, engagement and facilitate the evolution of its employees.

Castorama has progressively built a policy to promote diversity which resulted in engagements to: advance gender and professional equity, insert and maintain disabled workers as well as seniors. Following the action plan for seniors initiated in 2010, Castorama continues its actions toward the support of the increasing working life, the working environment, the anticipation of career evolutions and the facilitation of the latter years of career.


  • Facilitate seniors’ extensions of career by better organizing the last years of their working lives and also by accompanying them in the definition of a project for their retirement.


Since 2010 and in the context of the action plan for seniors, Castorama has been committed to the guidance of employees and to the management of the end of their working life. They now have the opportunity to think and prepare their retirement project with the help of different experts (health and retirement professionals…). This allows them to anticipate the questions linked to the transition to their retired lives.
To achieve this transition and develop new projects, two days of information, reflection and exchange are organized.
This is also a good moment to talk about their new rapport to time, check administrative procedures, discover new approaches of family or social relationships and get ready to a new project life.

With a senior employment rate close to 3.57% collaborators of more than 57 years old at the end of 2013, this proactive dynamic in favor of the maintaining of seniors is a major axis of diversity policy.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013 and updated in 2014.


  • Maintain in the workplace senior employees (ensure the transmission of their knowledge and know-how) Favouring the mentorship for apprentice and new collaborators


  • Guide employees during all their professional life in the firm
  • Manage successfully the transition between professional and retired life
12600 (2014)
2 900 000 K€ ( HT Net 2013)


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