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GESNORD improves the well-being of its employees

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Founded in 2004, Gesnord is a telephone call center for health-care professionals. With its employees, Gesnord has set a managerial objective to structure the deployment of the company.

From 2012 to 2013, the director participated in experiments in the functional and cooperative economy led by the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants and Reseau Alliances in partnership with Atemis and the Region Nord-Pas de Calais. This experience would profoundly change the way the company operates.


  •  Engage in CSR to develop the company’s activities in an efficient and sustainable manner.
  •  Find solutions to the problems of turnover and absenteeism


Recruitment and training:
The recruitment policy is based on the return to employment of job seekers, regardless of their origin, skin color or age.
New hires benefit from an onboarding booklet and training both internally and externally.

Gesnord has set up a GPEC (Gestion Previsionnelle des Emplois et Competences) in order to discover and develop the talents within the company. The company has adopted an approach that is radically different from traditional call centers by promoting self-management and the importance of the team.

Improving working conditions:
The tasks performed by Gesnord require a high quality of listening and concentration. In order to anticipate the difficulties of the job, the company has established timetables for employees that include periods of rest and recuperation.


The directors prioritize skill and motivation. The diversity of the company’s workforce is a rich asset because it favors exchanges, team spirit and solidarity. It is also an important factor for building confidence and the involvement of all employees. The director regularly perform the same tasks as the other employees, which allows them to discuss informally all of the issues facing the company.

Internal training, developed and provided by the employees, is another strong asset for the quality of service offered to customers and for the integration of members into the team. Each employee thus becomes aware of the importance of his or her role in the daily life of the company, so that each can perform his or her job under the best possible conditions.

Internal training imparts upon the employees the values and flexibility that are so radically different from the traditional market codes of traditional call centers. Training in stress management is also provided, if necessary.

The team also benefits from a budget to organize each quarter their own event.


  •  Positive net income since 2012 despite investments made.
  •  Competitive advantage both for recruitment and customer relations.
  •  Motivation of employees who feel valued and empowered.
  •  Improvement of service provided to customers.


  •  Improvement of employee well-being and reinforced connections between team members.
  •  Ability of the company to reduce turnover and absenteeism.
  •  2 seniors over age 50 recruited in 2015.
  •  Volume of training: 400 hours excluding internal training.
22 salariés (2015)
631 269€ (2014)


Parc Tertiaire
27 route de Oignies
62710 Courrières


Mohamed El Manani, Co-gérant, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 03 91 84 79 79

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