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IBM encourages girls to explore interests in technology and engineering

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


IBM is sensitive to diversity issues - in particular concerning men and women - within its operations. The company is faced with young women showing less interest for technical and scientific studies. This is why IBM implemented    several actions to make young women better aware of courses they shy away from.


The objective of the group is perfectly clear: by giving middle and high school girls a chance to explore interests in technology and engineering, IBM hopes that they will join the company after graduating. So, this is a long-term recruitment strategy.


In order to reach such objectives, the group has implemented the “EXITE CAMP” awareness-raising scheme, which is conducted, in particular, by women pursuing careers in science and technology within the group. Such actions take the form of testimonials given at schools (middle and high schools, higher education schools and university) so as to present their jobs.

At the same time, one week’s scientific exploration is organised each year. Middle and high school girls are received by the company, and become      familiar with the work of woman exercising scientific and technical jobs.

Finally, IBM plans a programme aiming at mentoring volunteering girls to encourage them to join a mentoring programme in electronics called “Mentor Place” during the next school year. Regular meetings are planned between girls and a mentor on a scientific project as part of this program.


  •  Relying on complementarity between men and women more to conduct affairs.
  •  The business has a greater potential for recruitment.


  •  The “EXITE CAMP” programme has enabled 26 middle school girls to  become familiar with jobs in the group and as a result, some girls intend to pursue careers in science.
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