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Idkids (OKAÏDI / OXYBUL ÉVEIL ET JEUX) is committed to promoting children's rights

2. Human Rights

Human Rights and basic ILO principles


"Acting to ensure that the world progresses to benefit children's development" is Idkids' mission statement, as implemented by the RESSEME project (Social, Societal and Environmental Responsibility of Children's Brands).
The respect of the rights of the child is part of this commitment.


  •  Implement a product policy that respects the child
  •  Support by the corporate foundation of projects in the world for the respect and protection of children and partners with associations in efforts to assist children
  •  Make consumers aware of child rights 


The product policy is based on the values of Idkids, namely respecting all applicable quality and social standards. The respect of the children's rights is implemented especially by the supplier audits conducted in conjunction with the Social Clause Initiative of the Distribution Federation. Each Group brand is committed to showcasing products beneficial to children: aesthetic, practical, ergonomic, ethical, and economical (at a fair price).
Idkids finances the Okworld Foundation (€300,000 in 2013), which in turn supports projects that nurture and protect childhood, in partnership with NGOs in the producer countries and with local associations in France. The brands also participate in actions to support children's rights. Okaidi promotes education through exposure to music via the "Playing for Change" Foundation and moreover communicates on children's rights through "pictograms" visible both inside and outside, especially in the stores (on T-shirts).
For the last 5 years, Oxybul has sponsored the work of "SOS Children's Villages", which host abandoned children or youth with family problems while keeping siblings together. Oxybul also encourages, with backing from the Eveil et handicap organization, the social integration of disabled children through toys and games. 

Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2014.


  •  Consistency between internal and external practices/values,
  •  Motivation of employees
  •  Image and sales impact 


  •  Audits for suppliers
  •  Beneficiary children’s foundation
  •  Building consumer awareness: visibility children’s rights clients in country 
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


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