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INDELEC, a company close to its employees

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Indelec offers lightning protection systems and services to professionals, municipalities and industrial clients. Leader on its French market, the company exports 75% of its production around the world, notably in the South. Since 2007, Indelec has worked with its employees to develop its CSR policy. As a family-owned company, its people have always held a special place: the men and women of Indelec are its greatest strength, its main capital.


  •  Ensure the long-term economic viability of the company by developing environmental, social and societal initiatives.
  •  Maintain and develop jobs that are sustainable and that enrich employees.
  •  Promote constructive social dialogue and provide direction, always with an eye to the well-being of employees.


Indelec has voluntarily put in place an agreement on the employment of seniors that calls for maintaining employment of personnel aged 50 and over and end-of-career initiatives with training and communication on retirement.

A profit-sharing contract was established in 2000, devoting 5 to 10% of redistributed profits according to salary levels, seniority and the quality objectives attained.

An Idea Box was created 3 years ago, in which employees can propose ways to improve working conditions or the organization of the work. The authors of ideas retained are rewarded with gift certificates.

Measures to promote private/professional life balance have been adopted (adjusted hours, flexibility of meetings, full salary during maternity leave), and family events are programmed (Christmas party, harvesting of honey from hives).


  •  Reduced turnover and absenteeism, improved employee loyalty and attachment to the company: 17% have more than 20 years of seniority, and the average level of seniority is 11 years.
  •  Improved productivity thanks to the experience of employees.
  •  Technical innovations from the Idea Box.


  •  6 employees aged 50 year or over, or 17.6% of the work force.
  •  Well-being of employees with better private/professional life balance.
  •  Employees play a key role in CSR policy
35 salariés (2015)


61, chemin des Postes
59500 DOUAI


Arnaud Lefort, Président Directeur Général, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 03 27 944 940

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