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Investment in employee training is a priority at ELECTRO DEPOT

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


Created in 2003, Electro Depot sells quality household appliances, white products, TVs and stereo systems at discount prices. It is one of the leading French discount brands to adopt a strong CSR commitment.

Electro Depot’s success is the result of the success of its business model  as well as that of its social model. The company invests massively in the training and career development of its employees.


  • Develop internal promotion at all levels of the enterprise
  • Increase the professionalism and employability of each employee


To develop the skills of its employees, Electro Depot relies on several initiatives designed to improve the professionalism of its teams.

The Electro Depot Academy:
Created in 2009 at the initiative of the General Management, the Electro Depot Academy is dedicated to facilitating internal promotion within the enterprise and offers two training programs, one on "Assistant Director" and the other on "Store Director". The selection process for candidates relies on a test of  “potential”, validation by the candidate’s manager, the regional director, the HR director and the General Management. Thanks to this training, 46 “team members” were promoted to positions of responsibility as Assistant Directors, and 17 Assistant Directors went on to become Store Directors. Each student at the Electro Depot Academy represents an investment of 20,000€.

Mandatory Training:
To respond to other employee requests, the enterprise in 2012 established a Mandatory Training Program, designed to improve the skills of each employee in his/her respective job. These programs are offered for the employee’s first four years and allow him/her to attain new levels of responsibility. 23 internal trainers are mobilized (3 days/year).

A Road Book, an individual binder, and an Individual Training Plan are given to each employee by his/her manager:
•    To know the training available to the employee in the enterprise
•    To access basic training on the business concept, proprietary brands, products, etc.


  • Reduction of recruitment costs and greater reliability thanks to internal promotion
  • Net income x2 in 2 years


  • Employee motivation
  • 51 employees received diplomas in 2 years at the Academy:
       •    48% of Store Directors from  internal promotion
       •    31% of Assistant Directors from  internal promotion
  • 32 employees involved in program in 2012


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