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KEOLIS LILLE facilitates diversity

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Keolis Lille is a subsidiary of the Keolis Group. It runs the public transportation of Lille Metropolis. It is engaged in the sustainable development by its activity in the heart of the city, for the environmental protection but also as a creator of social link by the use and the service for its travellers (170 millions in 2013, 60 subway stations on 2 lines, 45 bus lines and 2 trams). Keolis Lille is determinedly committed in the fight against any kind of discrimination during the hiring and the career.


  • Recruiting persons of any horizons: the same profile than the clients using our services
  • Guaranteeing the transparency of the recruitment and career plans
  • Allowing the access to the employment to persons subjected to discrimination (women, handicapped persons, over-50s’, visible minorities)


Keolis Lille set up a recruitment drive based on the transparency, which guarantees the non-discrimination. Accessible on the intranet of the company, it is presented and commented to the staff representatives. It is explained in a meeting with the external candidates

All the external candidacies are studied. The selection is based on aptitude tests. They consist in verifying the job skills without any criterion of diploma or previous work experiences. For example, for a bus driver, we can test the oral understanding, the calculation, the topographic memory or the capacity in the commercial relation. These tests are opened to all the persons willing to apply. No preliminary sorting of CV is made. The persons having passed the aptitude tests complete the hiring plan with interviews with the persons in charge of the human resources and the future managerial employee

Keolis Lille raised the various partners’ awareness of this recruitment policy (Job centre, temporary agencies, companies and associations of insertion). Some forums presenting the job opportunities for minority persons (handicapped persons, over-50s’) are regularly organized to incite them to apply. Employees stemming from the discriminated public come to testify of their experience and job life at Keolis Lille.

Moreover, recruiters and the company's executive staff are given access to specific training programs to better diagnose problems regarding diversity in the workplace: acknowledging cultural differences, treating the various disabilities, maintaining seniors in the workforce, and ensuring gender equality.

Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2010 and updated in 2014


  • Recruitment of staff in the varied profile facilitating the exchange of the practices


  • Access to the employment to persons who can be the object of discrimination
  • 17.5% of womens in the company
  • On 90 managers, 1/3 are womens
  • Since 2009, 64 persons of more than 50 old hired
2850 (2014)
310 M€ (2013)


24 bd Carnot
59000 LILLE


Thierry DUC, Directeur Qualité et Développement Durable

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