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“Les Autoroutes du Sud de la France” preserve the jobs of older employees

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


The enhanced competition results in business professionalisation and stre   amlining requirements with ASF. Facing the unavoidably raising retirement age, Les Autoroutes du Sud de la France has decided to take the extension of careers into account in its strategy. The organisation is involved in the      European scheme called EQUAL (fighting against any form of exclusion in the labour world) which was adapted locally (“Compétences Quinqua”).


What ASF wanted was not to introduce any specific management method for older employees, but to consider the extension of careers in management policies and actions. 2 priorities were defined:

  • Prevention of declining health or commitment for all employees     whatever their age, due to work (communication campaigns, training sessions on “health & work”, set up of an ergonomics unit in-house…)
  • Preservation of the jobs of employees aged more than 55, in particular via the transmission of their experience, through coaching and the   identification of internal trainers…


October 2002:

A work group was set up - diagnosis and analysis stage - and 7 actions were implemented in 2 pilot sites in 2004 (testing stage) and then extended to the whole company following testing feedback.

Actions implemented include the following:

  • facilitating mobility for senior executives after 40 years of age by     making career assessments,
  • adjusting educational modes and the content of training programmes, taking ageing into account,
  • studying the physiological impacts related to ageing as part of shift work planning

These actions are included in the HR policy (management planning of jobs and skills, negotiations…) and this population receives special follow-up, in      particular through annual work meetings and career assessments


  • Absenteeism has been significantly reduced.
  • The function of everyone is better defined; training has encouraged  versatility.
  • The system of coaching by older employees has encouraged the      transmission of work experience and reduced the internal training    budget.


  • Such consideration of longer careers in management policies and actions has enabled employees aged more than 55 to receive better follow-up and have new mobility and development opportunities.

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