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L’OREAL sets up a parenting charter for its employees

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Working conditions


In coherence with a product policy which is oriented towards wellness and beauty, L’Oreal’s social policy is focusing on promoting the diversity of cultures and talents, equal opportunities for men and women, and the balance between work and private life for employees.  In partnership with SOS Préma, the company is developing a parent charter which was signed in 2008. 


  •   Change the parenting representatives of the company.
  •   Create a better work environment for pregnant woman and parent employees.
  •   Non discrimination of parent employees’ professional evolution. 


The origin of the charter: a partnership established since 2005 with the “SOS premature” founded in 2004 by a mother after the birth of a premature baby. An observation: stress at work can cause premature birth.  A 2007 study of the professional development of women is often held back by maternity.

L'Oreal set up actions for parent employees and developed a charter of parenthood with SOS Préma and expert consulting firms (HR Valley and an e-learning center dedicated to guidance for social changes in companies).

Actions by L'Oreal for employee parents are strengthened:

- Awareness of employees: parenting information, maternity leave departures and returns, richness of diversity within the company.

- Employee services: concierge, nurseries for companies (the first nursery in 2006, 76 places currently in Ile de France), employment service checks for childcare expenses, free  daycare on Wednesday or during school holidays

- Intranet site offering practical and legal services, from early childhood to adolescence (established in 2006): Child Care Hotline Emergency Information guards children, tutoring, and educational activities.

- Work scheduling: meeting schedules, yearly visit to industrial sites, close offices to minimize travel.

- Additional maternity leave : 4 weeks 100% paid by the company, with the possibility to use this paid leave, either split up or as a block up to the child’s second birthday.

- Wednesday father and mother of children under 12 years have the possibility to take the day off: 1-4 Wednesday per month if the organisation of the service permits it (this represents 43% of requests for part-time women).

The company wishes by signing this charter public to spread these practices to other companies.



  •   Attract and retain parent employees.
  •   Reduce absenteeism and increase motivation.
  •   Promote career management and develop skills.
  •   Strengthen the brand through responsible corporate citizenship.


  •   Improve wellbeing at work.
  •   Meet health needs (reduce stress and premature births).
  •   Meet a social need: 76 new childcare centers created, support for chidcare expenses by the company.
17,2 Milliards €

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