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MANPOWER supports disabled workers

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


As Creator of solutions for employment, Manpower France provides to disabled people access to all forms of employment (temporary employment, fixed-term contracts or unfixed-term contracts). Since 2005, a partnership with Agefiph, Manpower embarked upon a policy with the objective of promoting the employment of Disabled Workers with its corporate customers or even prospects. 


- Reinforcing the commitment of the company for the work place inclusion of Disabled Workers.
- Applicant sourcing.
- Creating and/or developing local partnerships with experts assisting Disabled Workers.
- Better knowing and educating existing support services in each labour pool.
- Promoting new recognised Disabled Workers’ applications via a proactive approach. 


Companies employing more than 20 people are subject to the Obligation to Declare Disabled Workers’ Employment (6% of their payroll). Manpower assists companies concerned with their obligation to employ disabled people and provides to them recommendations and solutions to facilitate the recruitment and inclusion of Disabled Workers.


1.     Puts in place a wide-scale awareness-raising campaign via e-mailing, targeting   companies which are Manpower customers or prospects (employing more than 20 people.)
Each year, nearly 80,000 e-mails are sent to more than 50,000 target businesses. Companies looking for more information are directly put in contact with the closest agency among the 580 agencies which make up the Manpower network.

2.     Organizes and participates in:
- Conferences/discussions on a variety of issues related to the support of Disabled Workers seeking employment
- One-day pre-selection interviews and recruitment
- Site visits to companies with jobs available for disabled people, in connection with the employment
- Video resume recording sessions planned by Job in Live, for any applicant looking for an innovative approach to make a difference 


- Leveraging corporate know-how
- Recruitment, Training, Assistance & Consulting for businesses as customers
- Highlighting a proactive and dynamic approach with disabled applicants and temporary workers  


- Action in terms of equal opportunities and support to people experiencing difficulties
- Image of a socially responsible employer
- 4300 Disabled Workers employed (temp, fixed length, un-fixed length) in 2009 

3.34 millliards d'euros (2009)


50, rue Gustave Delory
59000 Lille

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