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MONDIAL RELAY - GROUPE 3SI puts their logistics agents at the controls of the company

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


Since its creation in 1998, Mondial Relay, a parcel delivery company with the distance selling and e-commerce, is implementing a proactive policy in the field of training.
To satisfy customers every day, all the actors in the supply chain and distribution play a key role. Our 300 Logistics Agents perform the daily dispatch of more than 100,000 packages per day. Their job is technical and they are directly involved in profitability and quality.
In a context developing turnover, new markets, technological innovation, and increased staffing, the management has decided to invest more than 3% of its payroll each year in training to support its employees.


- Allow each employee to have a clear vision of their company:
-  Understand through a company game the management principles of a distribution company and the development of sales.
- Understand the economic balance and structure of a cost
- Know the main indicators of economic performance and optimize quality
- Develop the employability of people with low qualifications


In close collaboration with the training organization SIADEP, Mondial Relay created a business game: the DISTRIPOLY.

"In 2011, the entrepreneur is you! "Via this game, Mondial Relay offers, a team of a dozen people to take control of a company that collects, sorts, delivers parcels. Develop sales, to better meet customer needs, and imagine the best organization to optimize its budget: it is this challenge that must be addressed during two days of training.

150 Logistics Agents took this course in 2011, 150 more will do it in 2012, in addition to local managers. The last third of the employees will be trained in 2013

The game was built in part with the managerial staff.  Presented in the form of a miniaturized Mondial Relay: sorting center, trucks, package, distribution agencies ... The events are represented by "luck", "bad luck", and "investments" cards and so on.

This training takes place at Hem (where most employees are) but also in the hub platforms located throughout France in order to facilitate the participation of far-away employees.

Best practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2011 and awarded by Réseau Alliances in 2012.


- The development strategies of the company are well understood
- Management based on quality and customer satisfaction
- Understanding the mechanisms and economic balances of Mondial Relay


- Understanding the value of each job
- Foster communication between teams
- Develop the employability of staff
- Develop "company manager" vocations and develop professional retraining

2011 : 101 M€


ZAC des 4 Vents
5 avenue Antoine Pinay
59510 HEM


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