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MONDIAL RELAY - GROUPE 3SI is committed to advancing women's role in the transport and logistics sector

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


Specialist in household deliveries, Mondial Relay has been accompanying the development of e-retailing services since 1997 in France and across Europe, by proposing delivery solutions at Relay nodes, drive-through stations (for heavy and cumbersome packages) and directly to the home. In 2011, during implementation of a gender equality policy within the GROUPE 3SI, Mondial Relay committed to advancing the role of women, still highly underrepresented, in this sector of activity.


-   Raise women's perception of their role in the corporate environment
-   Support their initiatives and champion their promotion through the hierarchy
-   Assist the change in mindset within a sector traditionally dominated by men.


As of January 2011, Mondial Relay's Human Resources Division connected with the Connectelles network, created by GROUPE 3SI and open to all of this Group's female employees seeking to exchange their experiences and promote women members' talents. In conjunction with the agreement signed in November 2011 on gender equality, Mondial Relay launched 18 tangible actions, including a special training program laid out in December 2011 under the banner: WOMEN'S RELAY.

Following a tender process, responsibility for leading this effort was assigned to the organization "Théâtre à la carte", which in collaboration with Mondial Relay built an innovative and customized program. Organized around a 2-day agenda, each training session hosts 25 attendees and alternates between theoretical content, short theatrical plays (observation, perspective on daily situations), debriefings, role plays as teachable moments, and real-world application of theories. The topics raised focus on: equality, stereotypes and discrimination, self-confidence, and assertiveness. Techniques are experimented to gain recognition within one's professional environment, address colleagues with conviction and open up to others. Upon completion of the session, each participant is asked to develop a personal action plan. Trainees are asked to evaluate the program and invited to provide testimonials to their fellow female employees.

The program is intended for all women working in the company (manual trades, office employees, supervisors and executives), with specific managerial and non-managerial groups set up in recognition of the different issues and levels of self-confidence relative to these two populations. An information brochure is distributed by e-mail. Despite priority placed on the company's women employees, these training sessions are also open to interested male personnel. Mondial Relay would like to expand these training modules to its entire workforce throughout France.

Program financing is handled outside of the company's allocated training budget, which amounts to 3% of payroll: 14 hours are deducted from each participant's Individual Training Allowance.


- Enhanced recognition of gender diversity
- Motivation shown by women participants and identification of new potential
- Reinvigorated team spirit and sense of belonging
- Initiative awarded Apec's 2012 Gold Trophy for gender equality in the category of small and medium-sized firms


- Training offered to 100 women (both managers and non-managers)
- Stronger leadership capabilities, showcasing of skills, promotions and performance improvements
- Change in mindset, better mutual understanding between men and women both inside and outside the company
- Healthier balance of professional vs. private life

2011 : 101 M€


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Véronique GOSSELIN, Directrice des Ressources Humaines, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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